FTR Enterprises: SmoothRack Test Tube Rack

The next generation test tube rack is here!

Two desirable features have been combined to create the SmoothRack:

1.  When using a SmoothRack a tube will never slip into an adjacent position, as can happen when a tube hits the second level of an old-fashioned rack, and

2.  The SmoothRack holds a wide range of tube sizes, 10-17 mm in diameter.

The SmoothRack ia an all-purpose rack and it eliminates an old irritation factor. The SmoothRack is designed to replace the old-fashioned, 3-tier rack. The SmoothRack is the only test tube rack you will ever need!

The SmoothRack comes in Blue or White.

Blue Item #:   1016-1B
White Item #: 1016-1W 
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