Ideal replacement for Barnstead™ LMX13 UV Lamp used with lower power ballasts




  • 185/254 nm UV Lamp performs both Germicidal and TOC reduction
  • Lamp filament design has been sized and tested specifically for matched operation with the Barnstead™ SC1191X1 Ballast (3'' x 2'' x 1.5'')
  • Rated average life of lamp at 6 starts per day is approximately 9,000 hours (1 year). UV Lamp should be replaced at this time, as the UV 185/254 wavelength output intensity will be diminished.
  • Lamp quartz glass includes extended life coating
  • This 185/254 nm UV Lamp can be used with Infinity, EASYpure®* and older Barnstead DIamond™* systems. *Barnstead™ and NANOpure® are either trademarks™ or registered trademarks® of Thermo Fisher Scientific.
  • CAUTION: As with ALL UV Lamps, protect eyes and skin from the rays of an illuminated lamp.

- Proudly Made in the U.S.A. -

* NOTE - SHIPPING: All Prices are F.O.B. LabStrong Corporation, Inc.'s  Factory in Dubuque, IA. We will work with you on the best way to ship based on cost and date needed.


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