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                                    Product Certification Information

Purpose of the Program:

There is an increasing requirement by customers for documentation supporting manufacturers' claims of accuracy on their scientific equipment. This is partially due to the increasing acceptance of quality standards such as ISO 9000* and GMP**, which require that periodic certification of test equipment be performed and documented. We at Sper Scientific believe this trend is highly justified. To help, we have instituted this program of certification. Most testing is done in house with our own state-of-the-art equipment. Whenever possible and practical we use NIST traceable equipment and NIST procedures.

*ISO 9002 1987 (E) Section 4.10
**FDA Good Manufacturing Practices Section 820.61

To Order:

When ordering, make sure you tell our customer service representative that you want the product "with certification". If ordering by email or phone, simply add the suffix "C" to the regular catalog number. For example, Timer 810026 becomes 810026C in its certified version.


Allow 10 to 13 business days for product certification and order processing.
We will do our best to meet your deadline.

Complete Documentation:

Each certified product comes with:

  1. A serial number
  2. A calibration or certification label
  3. One of three certificates attached to the box. The type of certificate varies by product:

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